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Introducing Bar Keepers Friend!!

What is Bar Keepers Friend??

Frequently regarded as the world's best cleaning products.

Used to clean showers, stainless steel, tubs, toilets, brass, copper, ovens pots, and more.

Removes hard water stains, rust, tarnish, soap scum, grease and more.

First created in 1882 and now used in millions of homes around the world.


I have heard many good reports about your Business. They were all positive and honest regarding your products and service. I would recommend you to everyone after hearing a testament such as this.

Alison Blandford

Great service and such a friendly team.

Rae Baigent

We at Whitewings Charitable Trust use only Christchurch Cleaning Services for all of our cleaning needs, with 27 residents we wanted best products at the best prices, we get this and great friendly service, what else can I say but thank you.

Les Claxton, Manager

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