Born In New Zealand - Silicone & Advance Mould Remover

Born In New Zealand - Silicone & Advance Mould Remover

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Time to eliminate the imperfection feel after you clean the bathroom with the unremoved stubborn mould clinging on the silicone. Born in New Zealand Silicone and Advance Mould Removal kills stubborn mould & gems. Fast result can be seen without much effort, simply spray and watch it disappear! Yet it is made from renewable natural ingredients, biodegradable certificate organic formula.

It works on bathroom silicone and tile grout, sink, Refrigerator seal , Textured ceiling and other stubborn mould areas.


  • Spray to make sure entire area is well covered.

  • Leave on for 10-15 minutes, change in color indicates product is working, leave the product on for best result. Repeat the process if required. For stubborn mould, spray daily on dry surface until mould is gone.

  • For use on refrigerator seal, some scrubbing may be required.

  • If carpet is present, make sure it is well covered.