Diversey Clax Revoflow Deosoft Breeze 54X1

Diversey Clax Revoflow Deosoft Breeze 54X1

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A highly concentrated fabric softener with malodour elimination technology specially formulated for on-premise laundries. Suitable for the Clax Revoflow system. A highly concentrated fabric conditioner based on biodegradable cationics. In the wash solution the positively charged cationics adsorb to the negatively charged surface of the fabric thus creating a lubrication effect for the fabric. During the drying process this prevents clogging and build-up of static electricity. Contains a modern long lasting perfume also equipped with odour neutralization technology. Can be used for most types of fabrics, but is particularly effective on bulked or textured fabrics such as towels. 


Available in 4L

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