We are distributors for all leading cleaning products, paper products, cleaning equipment, machinery, hospitality, amenities, cafeteria supplies........pretty much anything!! We stock a wide range of products at competitive prices! We offer our customers the latest products available in the market.

The supply market is changing constantly with new products and innovations appearing almost on a weekly basis. Due to the large number of suppliers that we deal with, this enables us to keep up with anything new as it becomes available. Health and Safety requirements are a more demanding issue than previous years, and as this continues to alter the movement and use of classified dangerous goods, it is in the interest of everybody that these new regulations are complied with.

Over the past few years there has been much interest in 'Green' products as people endeavour to restrict as much damage as possible to the environment. We have a good range of these chemicals from several different suppliers.

There is also a major effort to reduce the waste created from packaging materials with companies moving towards different forms of concentrates in an effort to reduce the size and number of containers. A number of these concentrates allow total control of quantities dispensed, which removes wastage caused by heavy handed users.

New cleaning innovations such as all microfiber products has also been responsible for changes with the industry. Having the correct products to complete a job is half the battle and it is our intention to try and direct customers towards items which will both save them time and assist them in the operation they have undertaken.

This company, together with he suppliers we purchase from, back up the products sold and we are happy to offer free advice where necessary.

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