Bio-Urine Go Enzymatic Cleaner 750ml

Bio-Urine Go Enzymatic Cleaner 750ml

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Bio-enzymatic green cleaning solution for carpets, flooring, wood, tiles, grout lines, synthetic turf and fabric, suitable for pet areas, urinals and aged care.
Ready-to-use. Simply spray onto carpets, tiles, wood & fabrics and remove urine stains with the power of nature, leaving areas odour-free!


• Removes urine stains & odours

• Naturally biodegradable

• De-stains surfaces

• Less work required

• Harnessing the power of Nature



Bio-Urine Go is ready-to-use. DO NOT DILUTE.
  1. Spray the stain directly with a foam-spray head and allow 10-15 minutes to work
  2. Gently working into the area to ensure the formulation covers as much soiling as possible and works its way into all stained areas.
  3. Pat out with a damp clean sponge after 10-15 mins.
  4. Check results when dry, repeat if required or finish using an extraction carpet machine.

Food Plants: Bio-Fresh products are designed to rid areas of typical plate count problems; floor and other wider environmental areas are not likely to have swabs/plate count results compromised. All MPI facility-based operators should rinse prior to swabbing.

MPI Approved C32