Optimo Top Loader Laundry Powder 12KG

Optimo Top Loader Laundry Powder 12KG

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Optimo® Laundry Powder has been enzyme boosted and has a fresh fragrance, giving you the combined benefit of greater cleaning power, to remove stains and dirt from clothing, while leaving a fresh, clean smell.

For best results


  • Use recommended dosage.
  • Follow garment care instructions.
  • Wash non-colour fast clothes separately.
  • Wash or soak clothing immediately, if stained.
  • Follow washing machine manufacturer’s instructions for detergent dispensing.


  • Use in front loading or low sudsing washing machines.
  • Overload the washing machine.
  • Add chlorine bleach.
  • Soak non-colour fast items.
  • Optimo Top Loader Laundry Powder is not suitable for silk, wool or other delicate fabrics.

Optimo Laundry Powder contains ingredients to:

  • Lift dirt and soils - anionic and nonionic surfactants
  • Whiten and brighten - optical brightener
  • Breakdown and remove stains - enzyme
  • Aid in removing grease - alkalis
  • Suspend dirt and soften water - phosphate
  • Removes odour and leaves long lasting freshness - perfume
  • A powder processing aid - sodium sulphate and a small amount of colour are also used. 

Environmental Information:

  • Recyclable - The Optimo Top Loader Laundry Powder 12kg carton and 10kg buckets are recyclable.
  • Biodegradable - The surfactant in Optimo Top Loader Laundry Powder is readily biodegradable according to Australian Standard AS4351.
  • Septic Tanks – This product is suitable for use with septic tanks when diluted in normal use. See septic tanks manufacturing instructions for details



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