SEBO ET2 Powerhead

SEBO ET2 Powerhead

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Increase productivity and reduce operator fatigue with SEBO Power Brushes. 


The combination of a unique “swivel” neck adapter and electric brush roller provides ultra fast cleaning maneuverability around obstacles both hard and soft flooring vacuuming.

Recommended by leading Carpet and Soft Floor Textile Manufacturers for the correct care and maintenance of their products.

  • Multi-level floor height cleaning.
  • Flat-to-the-floor profile for under bed and furniture cleaning.
  • Heavy duty adapter support, swivel neck assembly.
  • Maintenance friendly and low service costs.
  • Excellent for congested areas.

Deep Cleaning Powerhead

Perfect for deep and careful cleaning of both your carpets and rugs, the ET-1 power brush is the perfect companion. The rotating brush roller removes all dirt and grit, and leaves you with a beautifully lifted carpet pile.


Swivel Power Brush

The swivel neck gives the ET series of power brushes the ability to maneuver around obstacles with ease. Reducing operator effort and improving productivity.

Multi Level Floor Cleaning

Featuring a 4-level manual brush height adjustment dial for varying carpet pile heights. The ET power brush series gives a spectacular cleaning experience on any carpet type.

Multi Floor Cleaning

Hard floors are covered simply at the 'push of a button' the brush roller can be turned off providing straight suction only. Ideal for delicate rugs and fringes with optional wool loop brush roller. 

Quick Release Wand

Quick release adapter on wand (no tools required) at the simple push of a button allows various cleaning attachments to be used such as the SEBO UHS Polishing Head.

Easy To Maintain

Simply push a button and the brush roller can be taken out (no tools required), cleaned or exchanged with ease. Reducing vacuum down time and lowering service costs.

Indicator Warning Lights

Operator friendly warning lights to indicate brush roller on - Green, brush roller off - Yellow and check brush roller - Red. 

Rubber Wheels and Bumper for Protection

Rubber wheels and bumpers surrounding the power brush reduce incidental damage to furniture, walls and delicate floors when vacuuming.


Total Flooring Maintenance

Keep hard floors sparkling 365 days of the year with the optional UHS polishing attachment The result is an ultra hygienic, spotlessly clean floor. This is optimal floor care, only from SEBO – easy and without the use of chemicals.