Zoono Laundry Guard Fabric Sanitiser 2 x 50ml

Zoono Laundry Guard Fabric Sanitiser 2 x 50ml

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Keep clothes and linen fresher for longer or target bacterial and fungi health threats.

Antimicrobial coating that bonds to fabric and helps protects against bacteria, odour, mould, fungi & yeast.

Gather your most germ prone items for a Zoono In-Wash Treatment cycle once every 3 months.

Why Zoono Laundry Guard Fabric Sanitiser?

  • One treatment will bond to fabric fibres and remain active for up to 30 washes.

  • A hot water wash can use 10 times more electricity than a cold wash. If you’re doing 4 loads a week, that's $60-$80 a year on your power bill.

Your highest risk items:

  • Gym Clothes Wash

  • Linen

  • Kitchen Tea Towels

  • Bath Towels

  • Physical-Work Clothes

  • Kids’ clothes

  • Baby Items; Bibs, Reusable Nappies

  • Underwear & Socks

When to use Zoono Laundry Guard Fabric Sanitiser:

  • Once every 3 months (SPRING-SUMMER-AUTUMN-WINTER)

  • When someone in the house has been ill with a contagious sickness

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